Hello, we are Little Endian

Little Endian was founded in 2006 by a group of computer science professionals with strong background in digital audio signal processing.  We’ve been involved with audio ever since, and today we can say with confidence: we know audio. Let us know what you need and we’ll help!


Little Endian Ltd, registered at Commercial Court Zagreb, Republic of Croatia
Certificate number: Tt-06/11902-2
Bank number and name: 2484008 Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d.
Account number: 1103890562
IBAN: HR1924840081103890562
VAT ID: 189 2878 1302


Little Endian Ltd
Fruščinje 22
10.000 Zagreb
Croatia, European Union

"Sound is the vocabulary of nature."
Pierre Schaeffer

Projects we did in the past:

Brainworx Music & Media GmbH

Common toolbar for audio plugins, development and integration. iOS, Android, OS X and Windows.

Fraunhofer IIS

Fraunhofer IIS

3D sound technology integration into Unity3D® game engine. Developed a Unity plugin targeting iOS, Android, OS X and Windows.

DivX Inc.

Distributed transcoding solution for high volume multi-screen content transcoding. Farm transcoding in the cloud.

Fraunhofer IIS

Company undisclosed

Developed multiplatform Licensing SDK and implemented copy protection into an existing product. Supported iOS, Android, OS X and Windows.

MainConcept GmbH

Low-level audio encoder development and optimization. AAC, MP3, WMA, DV audio. Windows and OS X.

Doubleleft Ltd.

Enhanced autotune sound effect, low-level algorithm development and optimization for iOS and Android.